Thursday, June 29, 2006

'ROAM' by The Collective (DVD Review)

Bit of a video review here.. i thought i was a pretty decent bike pilot until i saw the new 'ROAM' DVD featuring 'The collective'.. If you havent seen it yet, its 45 mins (plus about 30mins of extras) of intense global action filmed in a awesome and stylish way. Its just biking at its core, no frills, just biking and features some crazy as s**t downhilling, freeriding (incorporating the infamous North Shore possie) and trials action.. All i will say is that i hope everyone involved in making the dvd has some got freakin good medical cover.. Seriously get this DVD, is one big spiritual journey underpinned with heart and soul, maximum air and mind blowing skills... 10/10

Go check out THE COLLECTIVES WEBSITE for more information (or just belt down ya bike shop and buy it..

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