Friday, June 23, 2006

Advertise your Biking Blog or Biking Information Site on Active Brits.

I've recently had lots of requests off people wanting to put their mountain bike blog, bmx blog, free-ride blog, downhill blog, cycling information site, club and event etc on my other site Active Brits (Outdoor, Adventure & Extreme Sports and Travel Pixel Directory).

Thanks for all the emails by the way, much appreciated, some really nice feedback... and yes, i'll continue to add a humourous element to this site.

Well i hope this keeps everybody sweet. I've done some modifications for you so feel free to add your site to Active Brits. If you follow the links below it will take you to the appropriate grid where you simply select up to 10 blocks, add your site logo (or any logo that is pretty funky and not copyrighted), add short description and an email and thats it... boom you are on activebrits.

To add your 'Biking' related Blog or Informative Website.. (not just adverts) Click Here..

To add a 'Biking' related event or competition.. Click Here..

To add a UK 'Biking' related course or the site of a professional instructor or guide.. Click Here..

To add your Biking club or association.. Click Here..

To add a cool UK 'Biking' shop (or extreme sports or adventure shop).. Click Here..

Dont forget to check out the rest of Active Brits and please tell companies, clubs or associations in the appropriate sectors to place a link.. All kinds of opportunities for people in the adventure and extreme sports sectors and for the global travel industry.. All grids are FREE to advertise on (except the Premium Grid and this is only for a short while to help cover the cost of the script and setting up the site.... the site is not about making stacks of dosh, havent got time to do that and bike).

Have a top weekend on the trails everyone, go kick some ass.. but be safe..

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