Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The science behind flies and mountain biking..

The following calculation is based upon highly accurate scientific records. In theory, actual calculations may differ slightly from those stated on account of limited baseline data being available, howeveeeerrrrrrr, it must be noted, that in arriving at the following conclusion we adopted several scientific techniques while completely inebriated and suffering from post traumatic trail disorder..

The following calculation will help determine:

1) The total weight of flies consumed during an estimated 20 week spring/summer season...
2) The weight of flies consumed in comparison with the weight/ number of Heinz baked beans.



(a) Approximate weight of a general housefly (12mg)
(b) The average number of flies consumed per 4 hour ride (estimated to be approximately 3 unless you are very greedy)
(c) The number of rides per week during spring-late summer (estimated at 4 times per week)
(d) The number of weeks of quality biking during the main season (estimated at 20 weeks).
(e) Total weight of flies consumed.
(f) Average weight of a Heinz baked bean based on a single sample (i ate the rest)
(g) Equivalent number of baked beans eaten.

1) Total Weight of flies consumed:

Calculation: a x b x c x d = e (0.000012kg x 3 x 4 x 20 = 0.00288kg 0r 2.88g)

2) The weight of flies consumed in comparison to the weight of a Heinz baked bean.

Calculation: e / f = g (0.00288 / 0.00094 = 3.06 baked beans)

In conclusion

Important information: Do not consume anything much bigger than a housefly (no eating sparrows or bats) and please consider many species are endangered so if you are hungry do not try to double up on your consumption, its far easier eating a Mars Bar.

We are yet to undertake taste tests to clarify the pros and cons between eating baked beans and fly mass but as soon as we do we shall publish our findings.

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