Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Do You Suffer from PTTD !!!!

Post Traumatic Trail Disorder (PTTD)


The psychological and physical disorder resulting from nailing the best freaking technical ride ever.


1) Initial feeling of intense euphoria, nothing else matters, stuff everybody else, you are simply God.. then you realise in all the excitement you are half way home and you’ve left your rig in the car park.
2) Subsequent chronic build up of inter-cranial pressure resulting from ones brain slapping around like kipper in a fish tank.
3) Neurological fatigue and the sick ability to listen to your parents Barry Manilow CD’s without any complaint what so ever.
4) Zombiefacation resulting from muscle spasms and the sudden ability to walk like you’ve picked up too much soap in the prison shower.
5) The ability to sink 5 pints of post-trail isotonic fluid (Fosters) then bring in all back up at twice the speed that you drank it.

You have been warned!!

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