Friday, June 02, 2006

FREE & Premium Advertising Available for Outdoor Recreation Companies

If any fellow bikers have got friends or colleagues that own a company or association within the OUTDOOR RECREATION, UK INDOOR SPORTS, UK TRAVEL, or INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL sectors, then please tell them to go to my site ACTIVE BRITS and place a small company logo on one of the pixel advertising grids as noted in the header bar. The vast majority of the advertising is FREE, the site currently has a Google Rank of 4, and only a small charge is placed on premium exposure which helps cover my web and development costs... (see the Premium grid at the base of this page). I just want the site to be the biggest collage of targeted active lifestyle advertisers in the UK, its what my life is all about...

If you add a logo/URL to one of the pixel grids and want to backlink, then you can add a text link or small banner of Active Brits to your site by going to the 'Link Us' section at the top of the page..

Thanks, and i hope i can help send some targeted traffic your way and further enhance the UK active lifestyle scene.. we've got a lot to offer if you ask me..

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