Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Horses and the Infamous Frame Melting Crap.

Its time for a moan....ahhhhhh... Horses... ahhhhhhhh...

Horse poo.... got to be the hardest thing to get off ya frame when its dry ... Leaves a sort of lichen embedded mark after a few days, some potent acid infused crap if you ask me..

While i'm on the subject of horses.. if any crazy horse-riders out there do want a race, could you at least do me the favour of playing fair and opening the gate instead of jumping it and riding off.. i'm not that freakin good..

Also, yes horsey people, i do slow down for horses but please remember its a 2 way deal... my rig is not fitted with ABS so it does take time to stop from 40mph. Please consider this, if an accident does happen, its gonna hurt me alot more than its gonna hurt you sitting up there on your 2-ton beast..

Finally, please dont scream at our crew to move off the trail, we need to use it as well. Have a good think, maybe you can go and use a field instead, after all i'm sure the horse would prefer a good munch on some quality grass.. As for my frame being so shiny it 'frightens horses', get it some sunglasses and appreciate the fact that if i was able to ride my bike down a trail for more than 10 seconds within bumping into another wanna be jockey, then maybe i'd be able to go quick enough to get the thing dirty..

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