Monday, January 29, 2007

We've not been away, just distracted from the cause.

For those who have emailed us asking what we have been up to recently and why we havent been biking much ... here are the lame excuses..

1) Time.. workload has just been mental for all the active brits posse
2) Me.. still debating whther or not to invest in a new rig
3) Other outdoor hobbies.. this time of year we like to brandish the old ice axes and 4 season boots and get some proper weather bashing on the likes of the Carneddau in Snowdonia or the Lakeland fells.
4) The result of pistons flying through the top of my engine..
5) No effort being made by the rest of the active brits crew to keep you all informed of our exploits.. they seem to find allocating 5 mins every week to promoting the biking cause to the global masses a bit of a hardship.. come on lads, sort it..

This weekend however we decided to dedicate it to some proper bike research and some quality drinking. We only do it once in a blue moon ;o)) so after a few late nighters in Liverpool, myself, Rico and Weeman headed to Ambleside to do a bit of outdoor and bike gear window shopping.. We ended up having a full on drool fest in the awesome BIKE TREKS. Talk about some absolutely amazing bikes, all the top spec stuff from Specialized, Yeti, Santa Cruz, Orange and Intense. If you are ever up that way be sure to check em out and the staff can give you as much advice as you need.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, our 'wants list' has been stripped down to either a Specialized Stuntjumper Expert, Santa Cruz Blur, Yeti 575 or Intense 5.5. Its just a matter of fully sorting the budget and doing a few test rides. I've also decided to fix the GT to keep the rest of the posse of my case cos they are starting to get withdrawls.

Have a good week all.