Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bit of Active Brits Banter

For those of you that have enjoyed reading our bits of banter, you might have noticed that its been several weeks since our last post. Unfortunately the active brits posse together with their bikes got abducted by aliens in November. We managed to escape but only after completely wiping out an entire population of space mutants. We are a passive bunch and hate violence, but no freakin alien is ever allowed to touch our bikes..

Anyway we are now back, we had a freakin awesome full on mad time in Dublin (thanks to all the people we met on Sunday November in the Temple Bar District in Dublin.. including pimp grandad and the young lasses from Norfolk). I still cant get my head around the Guiness scene (but after a few lagers it seemed to taste alot better) but the music and the overall banter was quality.

Biking wise, it will be well into the New Year before all that kicks off. The active brits posse has been doing a bit of winter hiking in the mountains of North Wales recently on account of me having to locate stacks of new parts for my worn out GT. The rear wheel disintegrated a few weeks back at the end of a downhill (on account of the aluminium wearing through) so i'm going for a full on upgrade, replacing near as damn it everything on the bike and therefore i've been searching out for the best deals. The bike wear has got to the stage where i'm actually considering sacking the bike off and investing in a new one. To put the baby back on the trail, i'll need to buy everything apart from the frame (which looks stunning, i spent 3 days polishing the aluminium with a buffer), a headset and an XT hollowtech crank, everything else is screwed.

A few members of the active brits posse are haeding up to the top of Snowdon for midnight on New Years Eve so if anyone in the UK is heading up to the summit, see ya there.

Might be the last post before Christmas so everyone have a gud'n and all the best for 2007.

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