Sunday, October 31, 2010

Barmouth ride 30-10-10

30-10-2010 Circuit ride near Barmouth

This is a pic taken on our latest ride, the scenery is spectacular and the weather conditions and the remoteness give the ride an added edge.

It was taken on the top of ridgeline (589m) neat Pont Scethin Pass just ouside Barmouth, North Wales. It was a typical autumnal day, it was cold, it was windy and the dampness ate through every layer of clothes.. but it really made you feel alive..

Pedalling was a chore, the tyres sank into the saturated peat and the legs burnt as you tried to sqeeze out every last bit of energy. The downhills comprising of a fusion of grass, deep ruts, peat bogs and loose shale became mind numbing challenges, every turn, every movement fraught with caution as you battled to keep ahead of an imminent bail..

Seriously, if you're ever in the vicinity of Barmouth, put yourself together a fantastic 20-40 mile killer loop.. the scenery is spectacular. just be sure to take a good waterproof jacket and be prepared to throw your bike over your shoulder for a big carry up once in a while ;o)