Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rock Shox Revelation 426 Air U-Turn Update

Weeman and i each fitted a pair of Rock Shox Air U-Turn forks several months ago to our Yeti 575's with the intention of using them for more agressive style XC/ mountain riding; compromising a slight increase in weight (against lighter XC forks) for a stiffer stronger stantion setup capable of sucking up anything day a trail could throw at it (with the exception of huge drops).

So far the forks seem to do the trick and suck up almost anything you can throw at them on the trail with a sweet plush movement. Originally i had envisaged problems with lateral movement as a result of a combination of large fork stantions and a lightweight looking brace, but any twist is negligible and the forks flick well through the corners and feel incredibly stable. Travel is incredibly easy to adjust on the trail and with the added option of Poplock they compliment any full susser with rear lockout suspension. We both also use stiff carbon handlebars and the forks perform an exceptional job in helping reducing levels of shock and vibration to the fingertips. In over 100 miles of riding the forks are yet to bottom out and the seals appear to be handling the harsh British winter weather perfectly :o)

Overall, a quality fork (and in a stunning white colour). Once you have them set up to your liking you will not be disappointed. If you can find these on the net at a good price then look no further..

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Psychs new rig :o)

All i've got to do now is get it dirty ;o))

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

More mountain bike videos

Couple more mountain biking videos

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