Saturday, July 01, 2006

Biking + Carrier Bags + Front Wheel = Smashed Face

Bit of a quick rant here -

While out training this morning i saw someone tanking down a country lane with carrier bags hanging from the handlebars.. baddddddddd.. :o( Just remember its not big and its not clever and one day those bags will end up between your spokes or ya front forks and result in you having some full on facial surgery. If you're going to hurt yaself, at least do it on a proper day out :o)

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Yanto said...

Yep, done that when I was 13 with my school swimming gear in Tesco bag. It's not pleasurable in any way. If you idiots insist on carrying placcy bags when your riding then for god's sake wrap any excesss bag handle around your hand to reduce the risk of face plant.