Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thanks to everyone who has asked how my damaged arm is recovering

Just a quick message to say thanks to everyone who has emailed me to ask how the arm and wrists are coming on since the accident (you can see pictures in an earlier blog entry).

Its amazing how you go out day after day, year after year, pushing the fine line between a mad ride and getting home in one piece then all of a sudden your number gets called, and you end up having an interview with the tarmac or a tree. Its also incredible how long things take to recover. Jan 06 to May 06 has got to be the worst 4 months of my entire biking history. When June arrived, wow, it was so good to get back into it. It was well strange spending time out of the biking scene. People would come up to me and say things like 'you'll be able to chill now and watch dvds while the bone heals or read some books... what the hell is that all about!!!!!!! Seriously, i felt like someone had taken away a piece of my soul, it was so so strange, i didnt want to watch telly, i was more concerned about how quick i could get on that bike and get out of the house. Anyway, the good news is that i dont think its had a heavy knock on effect on the way i ride. I anticipated having a major fear sensation approaching high speed corners while on the first few outings but i'm not backing off that much at all, just airing slightly on the side of caution this season so i can work the weights over the winter and get everything back in order for 2007 :o)

Thanks again everybody, I'll try and post some info to my favourite North Wales rides etc in the coming weeks, its been mad busy at work and i'm trying to slot in any spare hours out on the trails :o)

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