Friday, July 28, 2006

A Quality Ride Somewhere in Wales :o)

Right, some weeks back i promised you all that i'd post another one of my favourite routes in Wales.. well here it is.. I love this ride to bits, the trail is always well empty, in fact you're more likely to bump into a small group of nudist ramblers than see another biker... Its so freakin quality, gnarly and filled with just downright dirty fun that i've decided to keep its location from the masses a sort of secret for a little longer (if you fancy giving it a stab and swear by the bikers oath that you will not tell everyone of its location then send me an email and i'll give you directions).. The pics below are filled with loads of clues to its location but what i will say is that its got everything, stunning views, full exposure to the weathers, fast decents, heavy duty carry-ups, steep road sections, uphill riding to the point where you want to vomit and if you extend the ride out a bit, a stonking boozer followed by a 6km flat wind-down.. In total its about 45kms and rises from sea level to about 600m in approx 6kms. It then drops several hundred metres before you do it all again to cross back over the ridge you have just decended from.. cool or what!

Pics 1 & 2 - My mate hooking up a couple of quality climbs.

Pic 3 - My shadow

Pic 4 - Awesome climbs with proper mix of carry up and rideable sections

Pic 5 - Need i say more... freakin stunning...

I'll let you guess for yourself what the downhill sections are like.. What i will say is its a fusion of fast grassy singletrack and small technical sections riddled with babies heads and death cookies. Hope the pics appear ok on your screen, they were only taken with a mobile phone.. have a great weekend all and be safe...

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