Sunday, August 27, 2006

Quick Creamfields 2006 Review

Well Creamfields is over for yet another year. I've just got back home after an amazing all night dance fest at Daresbury near Warrington (Creamfields organisers.. really like the new location.. good call.. dont think you'll get too much grief off the locals, think we were all pretty well behaved).

Anyway, the party was intense, the atmosphere electric and the Active Brits possie managed to catch some quality sets from some great DJs (and as a serious bonus, the rain stayed away). Active Brits would like to say thanks to the following DJs was helped kick out some storming beats to make the experience a memorable one:

Hernan Cattaneo - for setting the scene and providing a quality warm up to a night of dark edged trippy tunage...
Sasha - Yet again a flawless prime time performance.. awesome..
Felix the Housecat - Absolutely bangin early hours set to finish off the proceedings at 6am. Cheers for dropping a really eclectic blend of electro and tech.
The Mighty Prodigy - An epic performance of prime show boating and entertainment fused with the usual hard hitting crowd pleasers..
Plump DJs - Always pull out the stops, quality breaks and tunage selection.
Andy Farley - A bit on the hard side fo me but really knows how to get the vibe sticking... a quality bit of insanity..

And thanks to the 45000 ravers who helped drum up the Creamfields atmosphere and make it a memorable one, catch you all next year :o)

Right before i pass out and die its time to go fettle the bike for a day in Wales 2moro.. Its just gotta be done.. best beer detox ever :o)

Note: if any readers have a couple of good quality pics of the event that they wouldnt mind letting us use to make this post look more impressive then please send them to us via the profile. Cheers.

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