Friday, August 18, 2006

Hawthorn Hedge Trimmings.... AAHHHHHHH.

Hey, i'm all up for a bit of countryside management but seriously how hard would it be for hedge cutting contractors/ farmers/ landowners to actually clean up the freakin mess on the roads after they've done a bit a trimming... Get rid of ya 2nd World War antique hedge blitzer, buy a new machine, turn on ya blower or better still brush the crap off the roads when ya finished.. Duty of care for the countryside, how about duty of care for those bikers that come tanking through the mess you've left all over the shop.. I'm beginning to think i should get shares in a butyl rubber factory, i've just had to order another 10 innertubes (many thanks Wiggle for ya rapid despatch)... It would be so nice to go through an entire month without having to worry about my innertubes ending up like a freakin teabag.. come on, show some consideration and sort it...

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