Friday, August 18, 2006

Active Brits off to the USA

Less than 3 weeks to go then the Active Brits possie are off on our annual overseas pilgrimage to somewhere hot and activity orientated. We are not the kind a people who enjoy sitting by the pool so as always its gonna be one hell of an adventure. This year providing we are not delayed by the current airport issues we are off to the South West USA to do stacks of outdoor stuff in Yosemite NP, Seqouia NP, Kings Canyon NP, Joshua Tree NP and the Grand Canyon. It will be mostly long hikes to the top of big peaks (notably Half Dome), some bouldering and a 2-3 day backcountry hike down in the Grand Canyon. Its going to be so so cool, 4 brits cruising in a Grand Cherokee Jeep.. you've just gotta do the USA proper goodstylee.

We have got a bit of biking sorted though, cant live on just hiking and climbing alone. Because of the distances we are covering and the potential risk of someone nicking the car together with everything we own, we have found a company just outside Vegas that does advanced level day tours incorporating big hitting uphills and quality decents on high end Santa Cruz Blur full sussers (sweeeeeetttttt.....). I've been wanting to test drive Santa Cruz machines for ages so now i'm going to get the chance to put them through their paces. The company even picks you up from outside your Vegas casino, supplies you with everything you need and whisks you off to the nearby Cottonwood valleys for some exhilarating riding. It will be such a contrast to riding in North Wales with temps in excess of 90-100 degrees but the views back over Vegas are supposed to be outstanding. I'll let you know how we all get on when we get back at the end of Semptember :o))

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ian said...

Have fun in Ca.
If you get find ant addesses for cycle tour co.s operating in or around San Diego or Palm Springs please e-mail