Tuesday, October 24, 2006

PACE RC400 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

As you are all probably aware, the awesome Yorkshire based PACE bikes have got round to delivering the long awaited full-susser to the mountain biking market. The active brits possie cant wait to test drive this beauty (so PACE is you are tuning in to this blog, feel free to send us a bike to try out for the weekend in the mountains of North Wales.. :o) It looks absolutely stunning, although after a bit of post trail biking chat in the pub at the weekend we came to the conclusion that we are not in favour of the white paintjob (although it looks like you can also get the frame in a deep red). We envisaged PACE to put out a frame in a fusion of stunning graphite-black and aluminium but then again its the specs that truly matter and as soon as we get hold of one to test we'll post a review... Watch this space.

Pace RC400 (Extract taken form PACE 2007 Online Catalogue (pdf)). Click on Image for a larger view or download catalogue.

If you have been lucky enough to test drive the RC400 or have some constructive opinions, feel free to leave a comment.. .. The Active Brits Possie.

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Ridethelakes.com said...

Mmm lovely frame indeed. The geometry of the 303 is perfect for Lake District mountain biking apart from the fact that it doesn't have 5 inches of travel.

I spoke to Pace a couple of days ago and it is now called the RC405 due to a few small tweaks (?) and it should be out early June (Christmas then...).