Thursday, October 26, 2006

Active Brits Possie are Off to Dublin

Its all booked and sorted. The active brits possie (this time psychs, Rico and Weeman) are to decend on Dublin at the end of November for a few days of pre-christmas season madness. We managed to score some well cheap flights for £0.48p return plus taxes(£33 each all inclusive). Since returning from our epic adventure in the USA in Sept, we made a pact to continue having proper travel fests, to see some great scenery, to explore the potential for some outdoor mentalness (going to weigh up the option for future biking and hiking visitsas its only 50mins flying time from Liverpool), to eat good food, drink good beers, meet some quality lasses and most of all continue to experience our experiences. It should be a right blast, personally i cant wait..... We've no idea where we will stay or what we will do as yet, so if you know of any good quality B&B's, Irish bars with good music or hiking/ biking spots within an hour or so of Dublin then feel free to leave a comment.

Cheers.. psychs.. We'll post a travel review on our other blog when we return..

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