Friday, March 30, 2007

Rock Shox Revelation 426 Air U-Turn

I'm like a big kid with a new toy.. look what the postman dropped off for me this morning, set of Rockshox Revelation 426 Air U-Turns 100-130mm travel.... cant wait to try em out proper stylee.. hope they are good on the mountains.. if you use a set yourself.. please leave a review..

Global shout to everyone who's out and about at the weekend.. have fun.. psychs..


Anonymous said...

Hi mate,
I just got a pair of the revelations and I`ve heard heaps of opinion about setting up. Eg, If you put in too much -ve air, the travel gets sucked into the stanchion. What setup with air pressures do you use ( for your weight? ) Cheers , Simon.( )

psychs said...

My bike with the 'Revelations' on is attached to a Yeti 575 and is still in the final build phase so i've not given the Revelations a good hiding yet.

What i can say, is that the Rockshox recommended settings in the past have been pretty good and i've never had to go more than 5% from the optimum range (based on forks set at full travel). I've set the new Revelations to 137psi (based on 75kg weight) to start with then i'll play around 5%either way of the value to get the optimum. If you havent got the settings from Rockshox then check out the PDF at

Otherwise here they are:

Rider Weight
(Reba/Pike/Revelation) Air U-Turn
< 140 (63kg) 90 - 11 5 psi
140 - 160 (63 - 72kg) 11 5 - 130 psi
160 - 180 (72 - 81kg) 130 - 145 psi
180 - 200 (81 - 90kg) 145 - 160 psi
>220 (99kg) 175 psi

Let us know how you get on.

All the best for 2008.

Psychs (active brits)